Truest Society- a Non-profit Organization

‘Into each life some rain must fall,

Some days must be dark and dreary.’

So said Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, in his famous poem entitled, ‘The Rainy Day.’ For me, those words took on an entirely new meaning, literally and figuratively, on November 8, 2013 when Haiyan, the biggest typhoon to make landfall in history passed through my hometown of Ormoc, Leyte. This is the very same city that in November 5, 1991 was similarly traumatized by a deadly flood that claimed over 8,000 lives. I was but a student then. This time around, I was the elected representative of the Fourth District of Leyte, covering six municipalities and one city.

There are events in life that shake you. Thankfully, the very same events can also give you clarity, and a deeper sense of purpose. Looking at all the destruction, the livelihood opportunities lost, grown men in tears because they did not know where to start picking up the pieces of their life, women and children dazed by the magnitude of all that was taken away from them in just that one day, —- I realized there was so much that needed to be done. The realities on the ground were very harsh. Despite the best of intentions, inaction, lack of a sense of urgency, and frustrating rules contributed to the delays in the healing process.

Nevertheless, for every door that closed, big windows opened. People from the private sector the world over came to help. They reached out, and gave much of themselves and their resources. For those, we are endlessly grateful. By their acts of kindness, they gave the survivors hope, at a very dark time when even that seemed improbable. We will not forget.

It was in the course of this very challenging journey that is rebuilding, that I started asking myself questions —- questions that seemed mundane, but actually went much deeper. What is this really about? I know for sure this is not just about helping, and then walking way. This is not about helping people survive just one more day. And when another big storm comes, will we be left with no other choice but to run to the very same people again for help? The big dream is to make these communities sustainable. But first, they have to be stable.

When you see so much suffering on the ground, your perspective shifts. It is not just about being comfortable and successful in your own little corner of the world, having all you need and want. It is not about living in a big house, being famous, or living your dream. It hurts to see so many in need, and not have enough to help all of them.

Here at TRUEST, we are on a journey to make change happen. How absolutely wonderful it would be to go to a village and be in a position to help all households the exact same way, not a single one left out! How wonderful it would be to be able to give blankets to every mother, school bags to every poor student in school, feed every hungry and malnourished child — not just a select few! A wise person once told me that man’s true self wants to heal others. Because healing others makes him whole. Being true is a beacon that leads to the very things that matter most. Family. Friends. Love. Time. Laughter. Faith. Hope.

As for me, I know for sure that true joy can be measured in the number of lives touched. And if I had a chance to share with you something, it is this one wish, my TRUEST wish: that you realize that you have the power to change the world, one beautiful gift at a time.

Lucy Torres-Gomez   Founder


Truest – a Non Profit Organization

Truest is the coming together of four working mothers who want to create a better world for their families. We come from diverse backgrounds and different fields of work. But we realize that we have one thing in common: we want to do something to change the world.

We also realize that our concern for the future is universally felt by mothers all across the globe. Mothers always want to do more for their families. We want to protect. We want to heal. We want to make things better.

With Truest, we endeavor to share our truest dream, that all mothers around the world band together to make change happen.

Denise Lim


Denise built a solid experience in banking before starting her own consultancy work. Her current roster of clients include external asset managers and offshore banks. She began her career in 1995 working for two foreign banks, Citibank, N.A.-Manila and Banco Santander-Philippines in 1997. In 2001, she moved to Hong Kong and spent ten years as a banker for Coutts Bank-Hong Kong. In 2012, she decided to move back to Manila to spend more time with her family. This also gave her the chance to help manage their family business. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Human Resources Management from De La Salle University.

Ditas Checchia


Ditas is a mother of two and a visionary web entrepreneur based in Singapore. She began her career in Citibank, N.A.- Manila as a Marketing Officer in 1995. However, after earning her Master’s degree in Business Administration from Boston University, she shifted into the technology and web sector. In the last decade, she founded and managed two technology-driven enterprises: a business processing outsourcing venture and a software development firm. Her clientele included large financial institutions, and other internationally renowned organizations. In 2012, she launched a start-up retail e-commerce website. At present, she maintains a portfolio of web based ventures.

Crissie Hontanosas


Crissie juggles her time between Truest, motherhood and being a Sustainability consultant. In 2013, she founded the Advisory Center for Climate Change & Sustainability, a start up consulting firm that offers guidance to government and corporate leaders. She wants to influence how organizations make decisions that affect the climate, environmental integrity and social welfare.  She holds a Masters in Environmental Management and Sustainability from Harvard University.