We make etiquette gift giving a hassle-free experience

We all need etiquette gifts for different occasions. For a dinner invitation, a thank you gift for an officemate, a birthday gift for your boss, or a birthday gift for your child’s friend.

With Truest, you never run out of etiquette gifts! You can buy a variety of beautifully-crafted gifts and store them in your gift closet. We have a selection of items for different people and social events. Our gifts all come elegantly packaged and ready to give.

We want to save you the trouble of going out to buy these gifts each time the need arises.

We give you the opportunity to directly help families in need.

Many times when you donate to other charities, your money goes to a general account that is used to fund the operations of that organization.

With Truest, you know exactly what items you are giving to families in need. You are also assured that your acts of kindness go directly to families. Your Truest certificate will indicate the barangay of the families that received your help.

We do the legwork for you

We take care of logistics for you. We know you really want to be here to help these families. We feel for you. But most of the time, it’s just not feasible to travel halfway around the world to reach out to help.

We at Truest, will take care of going to each and every family to personally hand out the items that you whole-heartedly gave.