Truest soaps are ideal for pampering and protecting your skin at the same time. Truest soaps are handcrafted using the finest cold-pressed virgin coconut oil (VCO).

Our pure VCO soaps are formulated to keep your skin perfectly moisturized throughout the day. All soap scents are fortified with vitamin E, a natural skin conditioner and antioxidant. Because we only use cold-pressed VCO, Truest soaps retain the anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties naturally found in coconut oil.

On top of this, we only use gentle ingredients for other soap essentials. Truest soaps come in a set of three scents, with our custom mother of pearl soap dish.


Moondust and Madness is an avocado based soap. While avocado is already well-known for its skin moisturizing properties, this is only one of its many benefits. It stimulates the skin’s ability to generate collagen. It also contains sterolin, which keeps your skin supple and reduces the incidence of age spots. Moondust and Madness embraces your skin completely, to boost any challenging day.


My Fresh Start is a calamansi based soap. Calamansi juice is a staple in Filipino homes because of its immune system benefits. More recently, it is used as a beauty tonic. It does wonders by evening out and refining your skin. What’s more, it helps illuminate your skin because of its natural skin whitening properties. It also contains anti-bacterial compounds that help combat body odor and excessive perspiration. All these makes My Fresh Start a little easier.


Dream a Little Dream is a guava based soap. Guava is a favorite local fruit because of its rich nutritional content. It is a go-to remedy for flu and other immune system problems. But guava also works wonders for your skin. Its high vitamin C content makes it excellent for skin healing. It improves your skin’s hydration, firmness and elasticity. It also contains lycopene to protect skin from toxins and UV rays. We’ve got your covered, so you can Dream a Little Dream.

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Date: August 21, 2017
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